Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jewelry at Substance

Mezcla Necklace III - Detail 1

Mezcla Necklace III - Detail 1
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Ayisha, the manager at "Substance," a fantastic boutique in the Shorth North District, where I am currently employed, posted a few pieces of my jewelry on the new website. This is exciting because aside from etsy, I've never had my work for sale on the web. It's just a few necklaces but I hope to make more in the upcoming summer and work towards obtaining a booth at Craftin' Outlaws in October. I'm also working on a small collection of one of a kind garments which I hope someone will be kind enough to stock in their store. Make sure to browse around the Substance website also. It's still under construction but new things are being added all the time thanks to two very talented young ladies.

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