Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So for anyone who might stumble upon this and have no idea what's going on...The Columbus College of Art & Design's Fashion Design department has a Senior Thesis show at the end of every year. This year the theme was "Under the Big Top: Circus Couture" Below are a few images of my fantastic models looking totally professional. Congratulations to Sveta AND Tabby for making one of the ads for the show on www.fashionwirepress.com!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes | Part 2

More backstage photos from the CCAD Circus Couture show:

Some people just have good JEANS

For my final project in Fashion Illustration/Layout class, we were asked to complete a collection with 9 to 11 figures on the subject of our choosing. Our instructor had repeatedly suggested that I design more denim because she liked the result of my rendering the legendary Abercrombie & Fitch project we are all required to do every year. So, in an effort to appease her and get the project done quickly, I came up with this. (Illustrations are absent due to not having scanned them into the computer.)

Inspiration and Mood Board.

Technical Flats for 5 pairs of Madhouse denim.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Behind the Scenes | Part 1

The senior class of Fashion Design at the Columbus College of Art & Design had their runway show this past Saturday. Few photos have cropped up so far from the event and I do not possess a camera with really any capabilities at all, so these are some of the back stage photos I've found so far.

Sveta in a top hat.

Designer and Model.

Tabby gets the hairdo of a life time.

Haha, you signed up for this willingly!

A very serious conversation, I'm sure.
All photos are courtesy of Alysse Gafkjen: